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Due to bad government policies, 80% of brick factories are closed across the countryTAZAA News

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Lahore: Due to the inappropriate policy and indifference of the current government, 80 percent of brick factories have been closed across the country.

In this regard, a delegation of Pakistan Kiln Owners Association met former Prime Minister Imran Khan and briefed them on the challenges faced by the kiln industry. He said that the construction sector in the country is currently in decline. The construction industry suffered from inflation and unemployment. Brick factories, which are the backbone of the construction industry, are working at a fast pace.

According to the furnace owners, the cost of brick production has increased due to the sudden increase in the price of coal and the increase in the price of petroleum products.

Maher Abdul Haq, Secretary General of Kiln Owners Association, said that due to political and economic instability in the country, the construction sector has been affected, and kilns are also being closed. He said that there are 11,000 brick kilns in Punjab, of which 8,000 are closed, while the remaining 3,000 are finding it difficult to bear the cost.

Furnace owner Rana Subhan from Lahore says that currently people are buying gold and dollars, due to which construction work has been stopped. There is no business, furnace owners face losses of millions of rupees despite promises. No benefits or loans were given from the banks.

A 20-member delegation of Pakistan Kiln Owners Association, headed by its president Shoaib Khan Niazi, also met former prime minister Imran Khan at his residence in Zaman Park in Lahore. The delegation inquired about the condition of Imran Khan and, along with expressing their solidarity with him, they also informed about the problems and difficulties faced by the oven industry.

The delegation includes the General Secretary of the Association Maher Abdul Haq, President of Baluchistan Namatullah Kho Sindh Aminullah Khan, President of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Khair Muhammad Samit Rano Muhammad Subhan, Azhar Khan Multon, Sachchad Shahi, Malik Attaullo Ganchyal, Mian Akram and others.

Shoaib Khan Niazi said that during the Tehreek-e-Insaf government, the construction sector flourished and it also improved the kiln industry, with the expenditure of millions of rupees, the kilns were switched to the zigzag method, but now this sector is stagnant.

Imran Khan assured the delegation that Tehreek-e-Insaf will return to power and the kiln industry and construction industry will progress and develop.

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