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Dumbness of SheriffsTAZAA News

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A good news release from London did little to ease the steadily mounting pressures in Islamabad due to the volatile political environment in Pakistan.

Ever since the Prime Minister met PML-N “Supreme Leader” Nawaz Sharif for a “family only” session, nothing important or new has been revealed to the public.

If the claims are true, even the PML-N’s federal ministers in the city have not been invited.

It seems that the Sharif family once again wants to appoint their successor Hamza Shehbaz as the Chief Minister of Punjab. We understand that crucial business was also discussed, including the schedule of the upcoming general elections, which were decided to be held in accordance with the official calendar.

However, the Sharif brothers did not answer even basic inquiries other than giving any explanation for what was going on in their heads or assuring that everything was under control.

For example, what is the government’s plan if it is really determined to go slow in the run-up to the upcoming general elections, which will be held in the latter part of next year? How does the stock market expect to stabilize in the coming months? Will someone else take his place, who? If not, is he allowed to perform his duties without worrying about the rants from the Nawaz camp? The longer the economy stagnates, the greater the damage.

Similarly, how does the reinstatement of Hamza Shehbaz as the Chief Minister of Punjab contribute to unrest? Doesn’t this cause more confusion? What does this portend as yet another attempt by the PML-N to regain lost influence among the electorate that has historically helped it win elections?

The most crucial question is how the government and the PML-N want to deal with a resurgent Imran Khan, who has made it clear that he will not stop until he returns to power. Will they release Home Minister Rana Sanuullah as some have threatened to block the PTI? If the party is pushed back and law enforcement agencies again overreact in their response, how will they handle the fallout?

The Sharifs’ desire to play their cards close to their chest is clear. The Prime Minister’s cabinet is also in darkness as there is widespread distrust in the party which is already split into camps. This does not sound very reassuring.

Although the government has decided to complete its tenure, it is worrying that there are no concrete future plans to share. The PML-N is moving in an odd direction, its own silence causing a loss of confidence in the administration.

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