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Durefishan Salim blames the society for glorifying toxic characters in dramasTAZAA News

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In a BBC interview with Haroon Rasheed, Pakistani actor Dorefishan Saleem talks about how our society is obsessed with toxic heroes who end up saving the girl and how girls end up falling in love with these toxic men. told.

I don’t think Durefishan Salim will choose to watch dramas like Kesi Teri Khudgarzi, asked the host. So why do you think dramas like KTK do so well?

When answering this question, Durefishan said:

“Durefishon did not watch such a genre. Or I would even like to work in such a job again. But Durefishan belongs to a society where people really like every woman to escape from all the toxic zone around her. Our audience is only focused on the fact that the girl has to be saved by the boy and no matter how the boy saves you. It’s more about how we raise women in our culture. We just tell them that you know your brother, your husband, your father should be around you. So I feel that when I read the script, Durefishan would not have acted like Mehak in KTK because Mehak is a Pakistani girl who has no experience of boys who never say you are good enough for yourself.

Notably, Kesi Teri Khudgarzi was Doorfishan Salim’s best project in which she played Mehak, a spineless and submissive middle-class girl who eventually falls in love with her kidnapper. The heroine of the drama was at her most toxic when she, with her obsession, went to extremes to marry Mehak despite all odds.


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