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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria; The number of people killed has exceeded 37,000TAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

The number of victims of the February 6 earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 37,000.

According to foreign media reports, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria is creating new stories of destruction and devastation with each passing moment.

The number of victims of the earthquake exceeded 37 thousand people. The Turkish authorities have confirmed the death toll in this country at 31,643 people, and according to the statistics of the UN and the Syrian government, more than 5,814 people have been killed.

In Syria, the earthquake caused a double disaster

The region most affected by the earthquake in Syria is under the control of anti-government rebels. The United Nations estimates that more than 5 million people have been displaced by the earthquake in Syria.

People are trying to collect the remains of their lives from the ruins of buildings in the city of Jandaris in the north-west of the country, which was seriously damaged by the earthquake.

Raid al-Saleh, head of the Syrian volunteer group (White Helmets Rescue Group), condemned the UN decision to lift the ban on the transfer of aid through border crossings with Turkey.

Raid Al Saleh said that this aid can be used for political purposes.

The rescue operation in Turkey has ended

There are 34 thousand 717 volunteers in the affected areas in Turkey who continue the relief operations. 10,000 people from different countries are also working in the affected areas along with Turkish aid groups.

Now, rescue operations have been completed in many areas, the work of removing the ruins has begun, and attention is being paid to the welfare of the people.


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