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Effect of action of DGCA; SpiceJet sends 80 pilots on forced leave without pay – Marathi News | Effect of DGCA’s action; SpiceJet sent 80 pilots on compulsory leave without pay TAZAA News

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By Online Lokmat | Published: September 20, 2022 09:01 PM2022-09-20T21:01:35+5:302022-09-20T21:04:50+5:30

Spicejet Airlines has been incurring huge losses for quite some time now.

Spicejet Flight Ban: The financial condition of Spicejet Airlines was already not very good. In this, the situation of the company has worsened after the strict restrictions imposed by the DGCA on the company. This is why SpiceJet has now sent 80 of its pilots on a 3-month compulsory leave without pay.

According to a Business Standard report, SpiceJet has sent these 80 pilots on a three-month leave without pay. On July 27, 2022, aviation regulator DGCA has banned 50% flights for 8 weeks in a major crackdown due to persistent technical glitches in SpiceJet aircraft. The DGCA had said that the airline would be kept under extra surveillance for these eight weeks.

In its order, the DGCA had said that if SpiceJet Airline wants more than 50 per cent flights in future, it will have to prove that it has the capacity to carry this additional load, adequate resources and staff available. SpiceJet’s fleet consists of 90 aircraft, but the company is operating only 50 aircraft after the DGCA order.

Citing sources close to the matter, the report also said that of the pilots who went on ‘unpaid leave’, 40 were from the B737 aircraft, while 40 were from the Q400 aircraft. The company said that these pilots have been sent on temporary leave.

This will help the company to reduce costs. Meanwhile, SpiceJet said in its statement that no employee is being retrenched. Even during the Kovid epidemic, the company did not impose layoffs. The airline has also clarified that there will be no impact on the work of the pilots going on leave.

The report said that SpiceJet has been in losses for the past several months. In the June quarter, the company’s loss increased to Rs. 784 crore as against Rs. 731 crores. Looking at the loss graph by financial year, SpiceJet posted Rs. 316 crores, Rs. 934 crore, Rs. 998 crore and Rs. 1,725 ​​crore net loss.


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