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Election of the members of the permanent commission in the midst of chaosTAZAA News

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The riot continues in the House during the election of the members of the Interim Committee of the Delhi Municipality. Chamber proceedings were postponed for the fourth time. The third time a half-hour adjournment was announced, but then the proceedings did not start and the Chamber had to be adjourned for the fourth time. Considering the agitation, Additional DCP Shashank Jaiswal visited the city centre.

Earlier, after the election of the mayor and deputy mayor, the election of the standing committee was deadlocked due to the disturbances on Wednesday night. During the standing committee elections, Aam Aadmi Party and BJP corporators attacked each other with kicks and punches and threw water bottles inside the house.

The mayor has alleged that BJP corporators also attacked him. Senior AAP leader Saurabh Bhardwaj said the session will not end without elections. Even if it lasts for several days. Permanent commission will also be yours. The Supreme Court ordered that the election be held in the first session itself. At the same time, your councilors left the house around 1 am, but the BJP councilors were waiting for the mayor.

In fact, in the mayor’s election, the deputy mayor was banned from holding mobile phones while voting. This was also followed by the members, these two elections were held peacefully. After that, the mayor announced a break for an hour and said that as soon as he returns, he will start electing the permanent commission, but after a two-hour delay, the mayor returned.

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Despite winning the mayoral election, to Kejriwal’s growing concern, AAP lost to BJP!

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Meanwhile, councilors recited Hanuman Chalisa and also sang patriotic songs at home. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Bajrang Bali slogans were raised in the house. BJP Councilor Shikha Rai asked Corporation Secretary Bhagwan Singh that Madam Mayor will return to her seat, she has been missing for two hours. After about ten minutes, the mayor returned to his seat.

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