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Eraser from young to old – Daily featuresTAZAA News

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TOKYO: A few days ago we posted the news about the world’s largest pencil eraser, and now a Japanese artist has created a very interesting eraser that erases an image stuck to rubber when used. to the old man An artist named Ishikawa Kazuwa has created a human eraser that will destroy Sarki if you use it next to him.

Hair starts to fall out and in some cases it becomes bald. With continued use, all the hair will fall out and the marks on the forehead and face will disappear. Thus, children can use it in an interesting way. Ishikawa shared the details and appearance of the eraser on his Twitter account. In it, a short-tempered businessman slowly grows gray and suffers from your mistake. But he wrote an interesting sentence in the tweet that the more you use your head, the better the result. So far, thousands of people have liked this essential eraser and everyone is eager to buy it. This rubber is called “Maoshgir” or salaried person. But nothing has been said about its sale and price.

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