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Explosion of Peshawar police line, trip of 2 friends from school to ShahadatTAZAA News

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Peshawar (Davud Khan) The two officials who were martyred in the explosion in the mosque of the police line were also those who did not leave each other’s side from school friendship until the time of martyrdom. Shahid Iftikhar and Shahid Ibn Amin were friends from the first grade. After graduation, Ibni Amin joined the police and Iftikhar joined the WAPDA department, but unable to bear the separation of his friend, Iftikhar left his job in Wapad and joined the police and stayed with him until he was martyred.
According to relatives, both martyrs are the source of honor and pride of their families. The funeral ceremony of these two martyrs was held in their hometown – Amirabad Charsadda, where a large number of relatives and friends participated. on this occasion. And friends and relatives were saddened. Relatives and relatives of Ibn Amin and Iftikhar expressed their determination not to be afraid of terrorists in any way.
Their children will also follow in the footsteps of these martyrs and protect their countries and nations. Earlier, a brother of Shahid Ahlkar Iftikhar was also martyred and sacrificed himself for the nation. Let it be known that the number of martyrs in the explosion of the Peshawar police line has reached 101 people.

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