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Fake coin dealer busted from Mumbai, 9.46 lakh skf mgb coins foundTAZAA News

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A person who used to obtain coins from counterfeiters across the country and supply them to Mumbai and its surrounding areas has been arrested by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police from Mumbai. The arrested accused has been identified as Jignesh Gala (42). Police found fake coins worth 9.46 million dollars from him.

All export coins are 10 rupees. During the last two years, the accused destroyed fake coins worth crores of rupees in and around Mumbai. The accused says that since the value of the Rs 10 coin is very small and no one checks it, it was a safe trap. The police are investigating the case by interrogating the arrested accused.

Deputy Special Commissioner of Police Anjeet Pratap Singh said his team had busted a general supply gang in April 2022 by making fake coins. The police arrested the leader of the gang, Naresh Kumar. More than 10,000 coins of 10 rupees each were recovered from him. After that, a mint was captured in a raid in Charkhi-Dadri.

Police arrested four people from there and recovered five, ten and twenty coins worth around Rs 10.48 lakh. A large amount of raw materials was also exported from there. During the investigation, the police found that the accused was supplying counterfeit coins across the country. Used to secure a person named Jignesh Gala in Mumbai.

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The police formed a team and started searching for Jignesh. On February 1, the accused was arrested from Malad, Mumbai. While identifying him, fake coins worth Rs 9.46 crore were recovered from a Maruti Eko van. The accused said that he used to bring coins and money from banks and give them to businessmen. Seeing the high demand, he started buying coins from people who were giving out fake coins. Since no one had tested them, it was not difficult to market them.

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