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Fears of conflict between the Indian community and the Sikhs in Melbourne have grownTAZAA News

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Fears of conflict between the Indian and Sikh communities in Melbourne, Australia have grown.

A pro-Khalistan referendum will be held in Melbourne on Sunday, January 29, on the platform of an organization called Sikhs for Justice.

The posters and banners that were placed in support of the Khalistan referendum were torn down. The organization of the referendum campaign accused the Indian government of tearing up the posters and banners.

The Hindu community claimed that the slogans “Dead to India” and “Long live Khalistan” were hung in front of the Hari Krishna and Sri Shiva Vishnu temples.

Gurpatwand Singh Pannu, the general secretary of the Sikh Organization for Justice, said that the vandalism in Melbourne has nothing to do with the Khalistan referendum, and the Sikh community has its say in the Khalistan referendum.

According to the Sikh Forest Organization, there is no truth in the Indian government’s claim that the Khalistan referendum is not supported by Sikhs.

Gurpatwand Singh Pannu said that the purpose of the Khalistan referendum is to confirm the demand of an independent Khalistan from the United Nations.


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