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Female actors are no longer “decorative pieces” in films; Azmi at nightTAZAA News

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Now women are the center of the story in films, Shabana Azmi (Photo: File)

Now women are the center of the story in films, Shabana Azmi (Photo: File)

Mumbai: Legendary Indian actress Shabana Azmi said that as before, the role of female actors in films is not a decorative piece, but they are seen in the main roles around which the entire story revolves.

According to the Indian media, the wife of the famous poet and actor Javid Akhtar spoke in detail about her future plans and the rapid changes in the field of cinema in an interview.

Shabana Azmi said that this is a big stage of change in the industry and thankfully, women actresses in films are not just for show, they don’t dance around the hero.

Shabona Azmi complained that most filmmakers have no connection with society, they do not know what the audience wants to see. Now the heroes show themselves not only by wearing beautiful clothes. They should give a role. It is necessary to shake the patriarchy.

Shabana Azmi, recalling the past, said when I did Aart, the director said it was a wonderful film. These were the last days of Tabu, although Indian women could not say no to their husbands at that time.

The actor added that now the times have changed. The female actors carry the entire burden of the story. The film plays the main role in which the entire story revolves around them, as the role of women in the society is also highlighted.

Legendary actress Shabana Azmi has said that she will star in an upcoming film with Dharmendra. The film also stars Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh.

Shabana Azmi said, “I don’t want to reveal too much, but director Karan Johar, who is a die-hard fan of old Hindi films, has captured the romance between me and Dharmendra’s character in an old-school style.”

It should be said that the film “Rocky Aur Rani” directed by Karan Johar will be released in July this year.

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