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For Imran Khan, February is a month of trials and political intriguesTAZAA News

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Farouq Akdas

Will the second month of the new year begin with political hardships, trials and tribulations for Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan? out?

It is not for nothing that this opinion is generated in political circles, but there is an understandable and logical basis for it, in which important cases in the courts and judgments referring to them are pending, which has begun to make important progress in this field. A court in Islamabad summoned former prime minister Imran Khan in his personal capacity, but he did not appear.

The court did not issue an arrest warrant to Imran Khan at the request of the Election Commission’s lawyer for disobeying the court order and cooperating with Laitwalal in the execution of the sentence, but the date of the indictment was set for February 7, while the court order was barred. He is on interim bail, although the bail period has been extended for a few days, but the judge has stressed that if Imran Khan fails to appear in court on February 10, any move similar to filing a fresh application or ignoring the court order will be accepted. raised, the warranty is void.

After these court decisions, speculations and possibilities regarding the arrest and disqualification of Imran Khan have been raised all day and he has moved to his residence in Bagh Zaman in Lahore and has decided to move to Bani Gala.


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