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Former Chief Minister of Tripura Biplab Dev Elected Rajya Sabha MP, Speculations are Rising in Tripura PollsTAZAA News

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#Hold it: Rajya Sabha MP Biplab Dev won seat vacated by Manik Sahar Will Biplab Dev be used for organizational purposes in Tripura elections next year? Or Biplab will be busy with national politics in Delhi.

BJP-IPFT candidate Biplab Deb, a former prime minister, won the by-election for Tripura’s only Rajya Sabha seat on Thursday by garnering 43 votes. On the other hand, former minister Bhanulal Saha, candidate of the Left Front, obtained 15 votes. In total, 58 MLAs participated in the vote. Which means that Gerua Shibir will vote for Manik Saha instead of Biplab Deb for the post of Managing Director in Tripura before the next assembly elections. That is, once again in a state governed by the BJP, the Chief Minister was changed before the elections, the BJP will take advantage of that change.

Sources claim that the people of the state do not like Biplab Dev as Chief Minister. Even within the party, there is considerable controversy about him. The situation is such that there are reports of cross division within the state BJP. In this situation, if the election takes place against the revolution, the party can be harmed by a part of the informed circles. Is that why the central leadership ordered Biplab Dev to leave office before the elections? Naturally, no one is willing to open their mouths about it.

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On the other hand, it is known from a source in the BJP state that by removing Biplab from the post of Chief Minister, he can be used more in organizational work. By the way, the assembly votes will be held in Tripura next year. There are a total of 60 seats in this state. Meanwhile, BJP has already sent two core observers to Tripura. They are Bhupendra Yadav and Vinod Tawde. According to the sources, the report of the state party leadership on Chief Minister Biplab Dev is not very good. The sources claim that Biplab was ordered to resign after receiving a message from them. Now let’s see next year’s voting, this formula is not against Geruashibir!

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