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French President Emmanuel Macron criticizes wife’s ‘modest’ dress ahead of Queen’s funeral TAZAA News

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French President Emmanuel Macron visited London Tribute to Queen Elizabeth IIAccording to reports in the local media, he faced criticism for his choice of attire.

Macron visited Westminster Hall with his wife Brigitte on Sunday, a day before the British monarch’s funeral. During the visit, the 44-year-old ditched his usual formal suit and black leather shoes for a casual blue blazer, a pair of sunglasses and navy blue trainers. Brigitte was similarly dressed.

The decision to opt for what the French talk show referred to as “street clothes” sparked debate on social media and spurred misinformation that the president had disrespected the official dress code for the funeral. The choice of trainers – from French luxury brand JM Weston costing €570 – also raised eyebrows.

If a French talk show radio channel RMCEstelle Denis, presenter of the national daily, insists there is a “dress code to respect”. Le Figaro Macron’s footwear is referred to as “dissident trainers”.

However, a British-based media company The Independent It was reported that the French president and his wife were trying to take an “incognito” stroll to see the mourners who had gathered to pay their respects to the queen.

Thousands of people gathered outside Westminster Hall in London to celebrate the life of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She was lying in the hall for the last four days.

In one video, Macron and Brigette, accompanied by aides and security, are seen walking among citizens queuing outside the hall.

“Emmanuel Macron’s incognito is probably the least incognito I’ve ever seen,” one user commented on Twitter, sharing a video of the president speaking in French to a reporter.

The duo later dressed in all black – the president in a suit and his wife in a dress, with a long coat with gold buttons and a netted veil. They both looked at the queen in silence before bowing slightly and joining hands.

Reacting to the Queen’s death, Macron said on September 8 that she had embodied the “continuity and unity” of the British nation for more than 70 years.

“I remember her as a friend of France, a gracious queen who left a lasting impression on her country and her century,” he wrote on Twitter.

He later spoke to King Charles III and conveyed France’s condolences on the death of his mother.


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