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Funds set up to help those affected by the powerful earthquake in Turkey, AC Irfan MartinTAZAA News

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Nowshera Son Skiser (by Malik Zahid Farooq Avon) Assistant Commissioner Irfan Martin said that funds have been established to provide aid to the victims of the severe earthquake in Turkey. these thoughts were expressed during the meeting with the delegation together with the chairman of Mazdur Kison Committee Malik Nazir Ovan. There are modern sanitary equipment here, but due to the lack of diesel there is a risk of rusting, there are two garbage dumps under the open sky. The whole city is lit up, not even a light bulb has been turned on yet. Illegal conversations are on the rise. The list of permanent rates of the Market Committee should be implemented. The owners of the lands purchased for the court complex should be paid. Permanent employees will be appointed and sales points cheap flour should be increased Assistant Commissioner Irfan Martin assured the delegation that he will try to perform his duties effectively and will use all the resources to alleviate people’s hardship with hard work and dedication.

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