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Gautam Adani Hindenburg controversy Who is George Soros that Smriti Irani got angry with, why was the American businessman snm heard?TAZAA News

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Adani Hindenburg Controversy: Gautam Adani and Hindenburg Controversy took a new direction. BJP has launched a scathing attack on American billionaire investor George Soros. The BJP launched a scathing attack on Soros on Friday, accusing him of targeting not only Prime Minister Narendra Modi but the Indian democratic system. Senior BJP leader and Union Minister Smriti Irani told reporters that Soros’ announcement was tantamount to imposing a war on India and that Modi was standing between that war and India’s interests. He said that everyone should condemn Soros’ statement with one voice. The Union minister said, “People like George Soros want a weak country and a weak government that works on their principles, but this is the new India.

Smriti Irani claimed that George Soros has created a fund of more than one billion dollars to interfere in the democratic system of the world, including India. He said: “A foreign power centered on George Soros. They have declared that they will attack the democratic structure of India, they will make Prime Minister Modi the center of their attack, they will attack their foreign allies.” We will create such a situation. in India, we will create a system under the government that will protect their interests, not the interests of India.” Irani said: “Today I want to appeal to the people of this country… are you an individual, an organization. or a political party… you should give the right answer to it.”

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What did George Soros say?
Indeed, American investor George Soros has said that the turmoil in Indian businessman Gautam Adani’s business empire has undermined confidence in India as an investment opportunity and could open the door to a “democratic renaissance” in India. Speaking ahead of the Munich Security Conference, Soros said, “Prime Minister Modi is silent on this, but he has to answer questions from foreign investors and in parliament.” “This will significantly weaken Prime Minister Modi’s grip on India’s federal government and open the door for much-needed institutional reforms,” ​​he said, according to media reports. Maybe I am forgetting, but I am waiting for a democratic renaissance in India.

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Who is George Soros?
George Soros is a famous American-Hungarian investor and political activist. Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 and is considered one of the most successful investors in the world. Soros is best known for his successful investment management company, Soros Fund Management, which he founded in 1973. The company has made billions of dollars over the years.

George Soros is also active in charity and politics.
American billionaire investor George Soros is also known for his philanthropic activities. He has donated billions of dollars to various causes over the years. Soros focuses more on issues related to human rights, education and public health. In addition, he was involved in various political developments throughout his life and was also an outspoken critic of authoritarian regimes. He supported pro-democracy movements in countries such as Hungary, Serbia and Myanmar.

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