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Government will not impose any decision on school uniform: Bratya BoseTAZAA News

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Calcutta: The government will not impose any decisions on school uniforms. that’s what he said Minister of Education Bratya Basu. All government, government-subsidized, and government-subsidized schools in the state were supposed to change the color of the school uniform to blue-white. But many schools opposed adopting blue and white uniforms instead of the traditional ones. However, the minister’s statement is clear that the government is not willing to take the coercive route in this regard.
Meanwhile, many schools have complained that the clothes have not yet arrived. Teachers said that while some elementary schools received one or two sets of clothing, in many middle and high schools, students in grades five through eight have yet to receive a single set. Some schools have a game. Department of School Education Commissioner Shubhra Chakraborty said efforts are being made to deliver at least one set of clothes to all schools before Puja.

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The subsequent government will not impose any decision on the school uniform: Bratya Basu appeared first in Uttarbanga Sambad | Latest news and happenings about North Bengal today.

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