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Heavy vehicles will pass through Shivpuri city, SP has inspected and decided; Water gets filled during rain. Heavy vehicles will pass through the city, the SP inspected and decided; water fills during rain TAZAA News

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Shivpuri40 minutes ago

Rivers, drains are in spate due to heavy rains in Shivpuri district. While many low-lying settlements are full of water, many villages in the district are also facing water logging. Incessant rain for three days submerged the NH-45 highway passing through Singh Niwas village.

Due to the possibility of an accident on the highway, the police were deployed on the highway. Meanwhile, a student’s bike was stuck in the water filled on the highway. Which was taken out by the police personnel. After this the traffic is also being diverted to the second strip.

Highway closed, heavy vehicles will pass through the city

In view of the waterlogging situation on the National Highway, Superintendent of Police Rajesh Singh Chandel inspected the National Highway and decided to clear the heavy vehicles through the city during night time as a precautionary measure. The instructions for its preparations have been given by Superintendent of Police Rajesh Singh Chandel. Tonight, small to big vehicles of the National Highway will pass through the old bypass of the city, for this, the traffic police have also made elaborate arrangements.

Negligence became trouble

When the National Highway was built. During this carelessness was taken, while the place where the situation of waterlogging is created on the National Highway. The road was not constructed by giving height at the said place. For this, in the past too, the district administration had informed the top officials of the National Highway several times. Despite this, till date the National Highway has not been rebuilt by giving it a height.

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