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Hellish crime in Uttar Pradesh! Criminals raped and burned a 15-year-old girlTAZAA News

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#Uttar Pradesh: After Lakhimpur ferry, gang rape again in Yogi State On September 7, a Dalit girl was gang raped in Pilvit, Uttar Pradesh. The thugs also set fire to the girl’s body to destroy the evidence. The affected girl was admitted to a hospital in Lucknow. The girl died in hospital on Monday, 12 days after the incident.

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The names of the two accused youths are known to be Rajveer (19) and Arun Kumar (25). The body of a 15-year-old girl was recovered this Saturday from a railway A case of murder, rape and POCSO has been registered against the accused

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According to police sources, 2 youths kidnapped the 15-year-old Dalit girl from Pilvit village in Kanwalpur. On the way back home, the girl was kidnapped by criminals and taken to a railway in the Badayu area where she was raped. The girl was later set on fire to destroy evidence.

A few days ago, the bodies of two Dalit girls were recovered from the Lakhimpur Kheri area. Post-mortem examination of the bodies revealed that they had been strangled after being raped. It is said that these two Dalit girls were also abducted.

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