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How long are you afraid of terrorists? Justice is the Judge of the Grace of JesusTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Qazi Faizaisa, judge of the Supreme Court, said that sometimes there is a negotiation, sometimes these two, those two, meanwhile, where is the state? Why negotiate with terrorists?

Qazi Faizaisa, the judge in connection with the Peshawar explosion, made an important statement that how long will we be afraid of terrorists? Sometimes there are negotiations, sometimes two, the two, in the meantime, where is the state, why are negotiations with terrorists taking place?

Justice Faiz Isa, during the hearing of the case, noted that today terrorists will kill two people and tomorrow they will kill 5 people, I don’t know what kind of society we live in. Thrown in the basket.

He said that one of our judges was killed, no one cares.

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