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How will your day (week) be in the light of the stars? TAZAA News

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How will your day (week) be in the light of the stars?

Aries, planet Mars, March 21 to April 20

A great effort of yours may bring success today. The house of children is getting stronger. The hopes associated with them are now about to be fulfilled and the bond in the relationship has also been broken.

Taurus, planet Venus, April 21 to May 20

The effort you have been engaged in may bear fruit by this afternoon and some decision is also possible today which may affect your future in a great way.

Constellation Jupiter, planet Mercury, May 21 to June 20

People who are involved in any illegal income generating activities. It is better if they repent immediately and come back. Saturn and Scorpio conjunction can put them in trouble, be careful.

Cancer, Planet Moon, June 21 to July 20

Inshallah there is news of improvement in Rogar and those who have tried to find a job in another place. They are close to him, an old problem at home will get rid of it.

Constellation Asad, planet Shams, July 21 to August 21

People who are suffering from any disease or disability. They should first give their charity and recite (or Kareem or Salam) 500 times daily and do not engage in risky work today.

Constellation Sambla, planet Mercury, August 22 to September 22

Hoping to get help from a friend. There is also good news regarding the property and the current location has also undergone a makeover. Today will prove to be a good day financially.

Libra, planet Venus, September 23 to October 22

Today some work will be attempted which took years but was not being done. Hopefully the steps you take now will lead to success.

Scorpio, planet Mars, October 23 to November 22

When the situation is going in favor, then one should try to move ahead with a little risk to get a big profit. Current conditions can be beneficial.

Sagittarius, planet Jupiter, November 23 to December 20

You were moving in a good direction but then suddenly changed your course. Do not change position frequently. This can get you into trouble. Be sure to try to act with foresight.

Capricorn, Saturn, December 21 to January 19

If you are feeling any kind of danger from any side, then read the four Qal and Ayatul Kursi and blow on yourself daily and leave the house. Nowadays, opponents have also increased.

Aquarius, Saturn, January 20 to February 18

Why are you worried, what is written in the destiny will surely come together. Just try your best as much as possible. Leave everything else to Allah.

Pisces, planet Jupiter, February 19 to March 20

When Mars is in the horoscope, it causes unnecessary quarrels and also makes you angry. Today, one should recite Durood Sharif frequently and be forgiving in all matters.

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