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I don’t see Maryam Nawaz becoming the prime minister, now the story of paying tribute to the vote will not work, elections will be held in 2025: Captain SafdarTAZAA News

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Lahore: PML-N leader and son-in-law of retired captain Safdari Nawaz Sharif says he does not see Maryam Nawaz becoming prime minister in the near future.

PML-N leader and Mian Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law, retired Captain Safdar in an interview with senior journalist Naeem Ashraf Butt said that the story of honoring the vote was buried on the same day PML-N voted for General Bajwa’s extension. .

He claimed that the elections will be held in 2025 and if Shahbaz Sharif wins another 5 years, there will be stability in Pakistan. He is sorry for the wrong words about Imran Khan. No one should be attacked personally. People ask Imran. . But when they talk about the organization, he bows his head in shame. Some were caught naked and others naked.

He said that we discredited the slogan “Izat two votes”. This slogan was buried on the day when Bajwa voted for its extension, Nawaz Sharif should not be asked to vote.

Captain Safdar said that Shahid Khakon is a great man who stood in front of Musharraf. Abbasi’s brother is not needed for positions. Mufta said that I turned 58 years old, that’s why I left my youth. Hamza is a younger brother, he is not angry with me. I ask him to return. Until November 28, the government was under Bajwa.


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