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I lie so much that I become dangerousTAZAA News

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Tell the people so many lies that they will believe the truth and tell new lies before the previous lie ends so that the lies continue and the people are stuck in their own vicious cycle. stay the same lie; This is the main ideology of the current policy of Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan. Since their government left, they only lie and sell lies because they have nothing to tell the truth and are afraid to face the truth. His workshop is working well. They have to make do with lies until the judge’s finger is raised again. The real pain is his so-called supporters who constantly hear, tolerate and even believe this lie. No one can be held accountable by someone who claims responsibility and justice, or simply live a lie day and night.

This man thought that when he came to power, the jinn would appear in front of him and perform all the services as in the time of Solomon. By the way, he also married to imprison the giants, but those giants were more useful to Farah Goji and Jamil Gujjar instead of him. After the disappointment of the giants, they too were rejected by the cosmic beings as weak and oblivious. After that, as they said, it becomes more dangerous after leaving the state. It was true that he knew that he was telling so many lies that it would be dangerous for this country and the nation, and this might be the only truth he was telling in the last few years.

The first lie in the current series of lies was that the US planned to deport me and a false letter was circulated publicly. After that, they all saw that lie was slowly disappearing after its expiration date. After that, another lie was needed. Then they lied that “his old friends” had overthrown his government by committing treason. It is said that Bajwa played the role of Mir Ja’afar and Mir Sadiq and along with HDM he ended their government. It was a lie because the government was yours, but according to Ayaz Amir you had handed over the government to property dealers, Gogi’s group was applying for appointment from SHO to Commissioner. NAB has made a mockery of justice and accountability. False cases were filed against opposition political leaders every day. Buzdar Homeopathic Chief Minister in Punjab has shown the worst performance in the history of the province. Your cosmic insects, including the people, cried out at this cruelty, but the great ones told you to wear nice clothes, wear glasses and sit with a rosary in your hand, because your job is only to be nice and everything is fine.

Now the search for a new lie continued. Now a new lie was told that NAB is not under my control, it is managed by an institution. Well, who gave NAB in the possession of Shahzad Akbar? You or your giants? And what was the meaning of those who threatened politicians in morning and evening meetings and were proud of opening false cases and sending them to prison? All of this was done under a grand policy based on Emma and your revenge, but when it came to taking responsibility, you put everything on strangers and then started selling this lie. How many politicians and journalists pass by your eyes now, who are the target of your personal anger. It seems that what was missing might have been the kindness of the aliens, otherwise you would have asked Bajwa Sahib to hold everyone accountable in these cases and become the army chief for life instead.

Amidst all the drama, lies were told, such as falsely accusing the top military leadership of killing him without any evidence and then releasing footage of his injuries from his medico-legal certificate. But there is a new side to their recent lies. When they feel political fear from someone and see their interests in danger, they immediately make serious accusations against him. He accused caretaker minister Mohsin Naqvi of playing a major role in the conspiracy against his government. Since the departure of the Imran Khan government until the interim prime minister Mohsin Naqvi, no one has heard the name Mohsin Naqvi from Imran Khan or any of his party leaders, but as soon as Imran Khan became the interim prime minister. he also included them in his circle of lies.

After Mohsin Naqvi in ​​his latest list, the next target of his lies was Asif Ali Zardari. Imran Khan says that Asif Ali Zardari was involved in the conspiracy to kill him and now he paid money to a foreign terrorist organization to kill him. The purpose of telling such lies is to invite bloodshed and murder in the country and increase pressure on those who are trying to get the country out of the political crisis. Another dangerous purpose of these lies may be to send a message to their supporters and comrades to target them, which the PDP failed in the 2013 elections.

This is the continuation of the lies that Imran Khan has kept his audience busy with through the axis of his politics. It seems that by keeping them busy and locking them in their thoughts, they seem to enter into election anger and they are very afraid that the opinion of their loved ones may not go from one place to another. In response to any political developments, Imran Khan sits in court and in this court everything happens but the truth. How long will they continue to play politics with this lie and play with the innocence of their viewers? A lie is so powerful that it spreads so quickly and is always believed. In this age of lies, the truth must have many children. A brief poem of his own is present on this occasion;

Every day someone lies
Every day someone gets it right

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