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I pray that the enemy does not go to NAB jail: PMTAZAA News

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Lahore: (Web Desk) Prime Minister said that it is my eternal prayer that even the enemy will never enter the punishment chamber of NAB.
Speaking at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Bob Pakistan Road Extension Project and Walton Road Extension Project in Lahore, he said that thousands of people have sacrificed for Pakistan, this historic place Walton commemorates the Pakistanis who migrated from India. the site of Bob Pakistan, the project of Bob Pakistan will tell the world the history of the creation of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif started working on the project of Bob Pakistan in 1991.
The Prime Minister said that despite spending crores of rupees, the ruins still exist, Pakistan’s Bob project was destroyed with brutality and brutality, he asked to use local stone in the project, granite worth Rs. billions of dollars. they embezzled rupees, NAB did not call anyone once, until the system changes, the country cannot develop.
He said that it is my eternal prayer that no one should go to NAB Jail because in the past injustice was done there and it was a miscarriage of justice, they were sent to the penitentiary but billions of rupees were misappropriated under this project. , So did NAB call these people and ask them? These are the double standards that have brought Pakistan to the brink of ruin, the reasons for not being responsible for this project. I don’t want to go into the details that Pakistan cannot be about it. be prosperous until the wood of its buffalo system falls to the ground.
Shahbaz Sharif said that he has full hope from the chairman of the Central Committee that he will complete this project with all his efforts, the administration and related departments will work day and night to complete it, this is not a delay of 10 or 15 years. This is 20 or 25 years delay, don’t give up, difficulties will come, if we face difficulties together, we will definitely overcome it, we built a school here, but the original plan remained here.

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