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I want money for addiction! Peon sold chairs, tables, windows and doors for government officesTAZAA News

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#Bhubaneswar: The ghost collects addiction money! Many of us have heard such sayings. However, this saying may not be true in real life. And then you may have to sell bells and whistles to raise money for addiction.

A similar incident occurred with a farmhand from the Odisha Department of Education. He sold almost every window, door, and document in his office to raise money for addiction. But the end was not saved. He was caught.

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The name of the pawn is M Pitambar. It is alleged that for the past 2 thousand years, he used to sell all the things in the office to raise money for his addiction. Surapremi Pitambar has sold almost all the government office furniture in the last 2 years. But the matter has recently become known.

The farmhand sold all the office furniture to raise money to buy liquor. He even allegedly sold office papers. A few days ago he moved the office to the new building. That pawn took advantage of that opportunity.

Pitambar was given the responsibility of guarding the furniture and documents in the old office. But recently, a senior office worker went to the old office and saw that there was nothing there. all in white There is not a single piece of furniture. His eyes widened. The worker named Jayant Kumar Shahu later informed the police.

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During questioning, Pitambar admitted that he had sold all the wooden furniture, windows and doors in the office to raise drug money. He even sold documents. He also said that he has sold 35 cabinets, 10 sets of chair-tables and two doors in the last 2 years. The employee has been suspended.

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