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I will quit politics if the Punjab government completes 188 members: AttotorTAZAA News

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Lahore: Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and advisor to Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Atta Tarar has called to quit politics if the Punjab government gets 188 members in the Assembly.

Based on the details, Shahzeb Khanzoda while speaking on a private television program said that the Punjab government, which had 188 members, does not have more than 140 members in today’s meeting.

He said that despite the absence of 3 members of the opposition, the number of the opposition is 176. If the government of Punjab completes 188 members in the assembly, I will leave politics.

It should be noted that the entry of Rana Sanoullah and Atta Tarar, the Minister of Internal Affairs, was prevented in the Punjab Assembly for today’s session, but they were allowed to enter due to the protest of the members of the Muslim League (N).

Opposition voices in the Punjab Assembly were futile and the government passed 21 bills instead of taking a vote of confidence, while Tuesday’s session was adjourned till 2 pm after the agenda.

It should be said that the governor of Punjab had asked Prime Minister Parvez Elahi to receive a vote of confidence from the assembly in the past few days, but for not receiving the vote of confidence, the Prime Minister was deprived of the notification.

After this matter reached the High Court of Lahore, the Supreme Court restored it with the guarantee of not disbanding the meeting, and now the hearing of this case will be held tomorrow, January 11.

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