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I will sacrifice my life in politics to save the state but I will not leave Pakistan in this conditionTAZAA News

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that both democratic and autocratic governments are responsible for bringing Pakistan to this state. If I have to give my life, I will see, but I will not let Pakistan suffer. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the loan scheme for the youth, the Prime Minister said that he wants to put the youth on their feet. Our youth is a shining star on the horizon that spreads its light. He took the leadership of the country in the most difficult situations. We asked the IMF to sit down and talk. 27 billion dollars were spent to save energy. The Prime Minister continued to say that he will comply with the terms of the IMF in order to move the country forward. Politics must be sacrificed to save Pakistan. Stay order was taken to close the shops at 20:30 to save energy. I will sacrifice my political income to save Pakistan. Shahbaz Sharif said that I will sacrifice my life to save Pakistan. , I will not allow Pakistan to be harmed. I will give my life for Pakistan, but I will not go in such a situation. You can spread your legs as wide as a blanket. Instead of putting the burden of inflation on the shoulders of the poor, the burden is placed on the shoulders of the rich.

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