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If General (Rtd) Qamar Javed Bajwa is a supreme king, Imran Khan is very corrupt, Information Minister – PakistanTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb said that if General Bajwa is a supreme king, Imran Khan is very corrupt.

Maryam Aurangzeb said during a press conference in Islamabad that Imran Khan wants immunity from any court because the foundation is not clean, the leadership of Muslim League (N) including Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif is a red flower every day and Imran Khan has been exposed Yes , the Supreme Court should take a hundred motos and put Imran Khan on the court bench.

The Minister of Information said that the court should call Imran Khan and ask him why he played a dangerous game with the foreign policy of the country when he was the prime minister. The only evidence is the promise of amnesty of the witness Asrar who testified about the innocence of Shahbaz Sharif in the court. that his statement was forced, this testimony is a slap in the face of Imran Khan’s political revenge.

The Information Minister said that LDA Chief Engineer Israr Saeed has become a sworn witness against Shehbaz Sharif in the Ashiana case, that he has become a promissory note witness through pressure and threats.

According to him, Imran Khan created baseless cases against Shehbaz Sharif during his presidency, he unconstitutionally detained Shahzad Akbar and his team to file cases against Shehbaz Sharif and political opponents. Prince Akbar had nothing to do but press conferences, sometimes he made graphs, sometimes he wrote bullets, and sometimes he accused them of lying and money laundering, and he created false witnesses to justify false cases.

Maryam Aurangzeb said that Shahbaz Sharif was summoned in the Saaf Pani case on October 5, 2018 and arrested in the Ashiana case, a money laundering case has also been filed against him, so that if the Ashiana case is acquitted, he will face a money laundering case. I should be arrested.

He said LDA chief engineer Israr Saeed was the only testimony he got against Shahbaz Sharif through his pressure and insulting threats, except that he had no evidence, called David Rose and created false stories. All FIA and NAB records were sent to the National Crime Agency but nothing was found. He said that Imran Khan called the DGFIA and asked them to file a case against the political opponents, when they refused, he was sacked. When Asror Saeed refused to give a statement in the Supreme Court, he was arrested in another case, in this case a case should be registered against Shahzad Akbar, Imran Khan and DG NAB.

The Information Minister said that the leadership of Muslim League (N) including Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif faced all the cases against them and faced them today. He said, no one takes shelter in their house with plaster, Maryam Nawaz was handcuffed in front of her father, we did not ask to be freed, everyone gave their own answer. He said, why no action is taken in the cases against Imran Khan? Why do they get immunity, why is it different? They have demanded from every court that I have a cast on my leg, so they should release me.

Maryam Aurangzeb said that the true identity of Imran Khan is being exposed in front of the people day by day, he has created many false cases against Shahboz Sharif, we went to the courts to answer the cases against us, Shahboz Sharif has a clean water case. In the Ashiana case, I was summoned and arrested, while Imran Khan should be arrested in the Bulyon tree tsunami, Tosha Khana case, and they say that I will not answer, Imran Khan has never answered against himself. The Federal Minister of Information said that Imran Khan used every power against his political opponents and today he is sitting on TV and watching, those who gave long life are now making statements against him.

Maryam Aurangzeb said, Imran Khan used to say that there was never a military leader like General Bajwa in the history of Pakistan, he will help me in economy and foreign policy. Today, Imran Khan says that General Bajwa was responsible for everything. They insult those who believe their words to be true, it is a matter of a moment for these people, Imran Khan is making up stories, not us today, Imran Khan himself says that there was no external conspiracy. if Imran Khan Khan knew that General Bajwa was going to topple his government, then why did he offer him life extension on the night of no confidence motion.

He said that when Imran Khan found out that his statement was corrupted, the sworn witnesses that he had testified that there was no corruption were arrested and now they say that he has a political revenge against me, what is this political revenge that Imran Khan in the garden Time sits freely. He said that Imran Khan accuses one day and apologizes to the same people the next day. He said that Pakistan will develop when we get rid of hypocrites like Imran Khan, no one believes in a showman like Imran Khan anymore. During Imran Khan’s time, it was increasing by 1%, it reached negative 1%. Imran Khan joked about responsibility during his tenure. he could not raise his voice against them.


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