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IIT Bombay canteen worker arrested for climbing pipe and looking into student toiletTAZAA News

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#Mumbai: A look at the bathroom in the women’s hostel. An employee of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai hostel canteen has been arrested. According to police sources, the students complained that the defendants even filmed their videos.

A student saw the employee peeking into the bathroom through a crack in the window. The student said: “The dining hall was closed on Sunday for pest control work, but workers were still on campus at the time. The toilets in some wings of the hostel buildings have a platform-like space with pipes from the ground floor, connected to the window.”

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An IIT Bombay spokesman said: “He climbed up the pipe and attempted to enter the girls’ private area. He was arrested as a precaution.” The institute does not know if images have been found on the phone seized from the accused, the spokesman said.

A police officer said no recording was found in the preliminary investigation. An FIR has been filed against the defendant. His arrest is ongoing.

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Students have demanded better security measures on campus and changes to bathroom plans in particular. Even if the institute closes the cafeteria, be more vigilant to ensure that these types of incidents do not happen again.

The spokesperson said: “The canteen will reopen only if it is open only for women. The breach in the pipe has been closed. The defendant probably stood in the hole in the pipe and looked. We are discussing with the girls what additional steps can be taken to increase security.”

This incident occurred at a time when protests at Chandigarh University are raging. A student from the same university has been arrested for recording a video of 60 classmates taking a bath with her mobile phone. Not only that, that video was posted on social media and went viral through one of her friends. The country is currently in a frenzy over such sensational accusations.

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