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IIT Bombay girl student, hidden filming in the bathroom of the girls’ hostel of ‘IIT’ in Mumbai? – iit-bombay canteen employee held for peeping into women’s washroom TAZAA News

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m. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai: Powai Police has arrested Pintu Garia (26), a canteen employee who was secretly filming girls while hiding in hostel number ten of IIT Mumbai. The administration has temporarily closed the canteen and said that women employees will be appointed there. Meanwhile, preliminary information has surfaced that no footage has been found at Pintu yet.

A student in the IIT Mumbai hostel on Sunday noticed someone filming from the window near her toilet. As soon as she screamed, security guards came to the spot and took Pintu into custody, eyewitnesses said. On the complaint of this young woman, the Powai police registered a case of molestation against Pintu and arrested him. Pintu works in the canteen at IIT. The police said that there was no filming or tampering. The canteen is closed on Sundays due to ‘pest control’. However, the staff working there were in that building. As soon as this happened, the quick action team of the institute, Assistant Principal, Principal went to the hostel and inspected it. After this, it was decided to close the canteen here immediately. The students said that Pintu climbed the pipe duct and reached that window.

The administration also clarified that there is no information available that any footage of the girls has been found to be shared. At present, the canteen in this hostel is closed and it will be opened only after the appointment of women employees; Also, the holes in the ‘duct’ will be closed. The administration of IIT Mumbai will stand firmly behind the students in any situation and also take care of their safety, the administration said.

There will also be a cyber investigation

The IIT administration clarified on Tuesday that it came to light that the canteen worker in the girls’ hostel had gone through the ‘pipe duct’ on Sunday and committed a misdeed. The vigilance of the students led to the discovery of the incident and the arrest of the culprit. The administration said that the police is conducting further investigation and cyber investigation will also be conducted.


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