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‘I’m not going to beg with a parliamentary committee’, Derek O’Brien ragesTAZAA News

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New Delhi: Trinamool is not happy with the parliamentary standing committee. If the center understands well, the committee will give it, if not, it won’t. But the party will not beg for that. Trinamool Congress MP and Rajya Sabha leader Derek O’Brien expressed his anger in closed spaces in New Delhi on Tuesday. He claimed that at one point the Trinamool, the second largest opposition party in Parliament, held the highest posts in the important standing committee on railways, air transport, roads, ships and culture. After this, the Mamata Brigade was removed from all standing committees one by one. Under the leadership of Sudip Banerjee, the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Food and Public Distribution burns like ‘salt of Shivaratri’. Trinamool is skeptical if he’ll be able to keep that up in the next month.

For a long time, Derek held the post of Chairman of the Rajya Sabha’s Standing Committee on Aviation, Roads, Shipping and Culture. It is natural to get angry. Derek’s anger at upcoming parliamentary committee changes: ‘All power is in the hands of the ruling party. BJP MPs are already heading most of the committees. Needless to say, the opposition is gradually on the defensive. Despite this, Trinamool is not at all concerned about the push and pull of this committee. We understand rights. If the center wants it, the committee will give it, if they don’t want it, they won’t. I won’t beg for it’ – Derek said.

It has been heard that a new permanent parliamentary committee will be formed next month. Rumors in Delhi are that opposition parties like the Congress or the Trinamool may take the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Standing Committee from him. By the way, there are a total of 24 standing committees in Parliament. 16 of them are chaired by Lok Sabha MPs. The remaining 8 are run by members of the Rajya Sabha. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the President of the Rajya Sabha decide who will be the chairman of which committee. In accordance with the usual practice, parliamentarians from opposition parties are chaired by standing parliamentary committees such as Finance, Home Affairs, Health, Food, Environment, etc. The complaint is that now it is not accepted. Opposition parties are known to unite to oppose the Modi government.

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