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IMF made new demands to PakistanTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Islamabad (Day of Power) IMF has again demanded that assets of government officials, opening of bank accounts, employees of level 17 to 22 should provide all information. government officials should be known to the public.

According to the sources, details of overseas assets abroad, establishment of an electronic asset declaration system for transparency and accountability, establishment of authority to declare assets of government officials and opening of bank accounts were also discussed. It was also demanded that their assets be checked. According to sources, banks can get information from the FBI to open bureaucratic accounts, and to open bank accounts, all the information should be given to officers of classes 17 to 22. The FIM group continued for the third day, the policy-level talks will start from Friday. However, serious concerns were raised. The IMF was of the opinion that the current debt of the power sector cannot be eliminated without the possibility of 100 percent recovery. The IMF has taken the position that the defaulted debt cannot be eliminated without improving the performance of state-owned enterprises. The IMF demanded that the government should take strict steps to ensure 100% recovery of bills from DISCOs.

According to sources, apart from the three discos, the IMF is not satisfied with the performance of all the other discos. According to the sources, the IMF has demanded the achievement of the objectives of the debt management plan. According to the sources, the IMF demanded the end of subsidies in the electricity tariff and said that consumers should be fully charged for the electricity tariff, and the IMF demanded the end of subsidies for the tariffs of the industrial sector.

According to the sources, in the meeting with the officials of the oil sector of the IMF, the secretary of the oil department gave information to the IMF. The IMF emphasized the reforms in the gas sector of Pakistan. expressed. Sources According to the oil department, the current debt of the gas sector is about 1550 billion. The IMF asked Pakistan to balance the price of gas. The IMF also demanded that measures be taken to prevent gas theft and other technical losses. According to sources, the IMF wants quick reforms in Pakistan’s energy sector.


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