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Imran Khan is a plant planted by the powers that be; It is still protectedTAZAA News

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On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, a senior commander of the Pakistan Army handed over the command of the Pakistan Army in his establishment to a senior commander of the army under him, saying that I will now spend the rest of my life in anonymity, but I will be spiritually connected to Pakistan. had institution Some are very happy and some are very disappointed. It seems that people still do not understand the game that has been played since October 16, 1951. It was great, but the history and the objective conditions of today do not allow it to be glossed over. Previously, this game was secret. Since 2017, this game and puppets have been staged in public. This is because those who were trained in the schools of the powerful clubs, when the situation became worse with them, they were brought up with their art. . your hands
The result is in front of all of us, our society is so polarized that now the question is whether you are right or wrong. You may be pretty lame democracy or have democratic ideas, but society doesn’t allow you to do that now.
The Imran Khan project, which was established in 1996 by General Hamid Gul, is the end or the beginning of this project after this appointment. Mr. Imran Khan is a supporter of Mr. Imran Khan.

We have a popular saying that the poor man was kicked, the blow that Khan Sahib received in April 2022 was also kicked. But political intellectuals say that the government cannot be formed in any country without mutual understanding with the ruling party. Therefore, the will of the people is like the wind, unless you have a strong hand on your head, you cannot cross the threshold called the government. If you do not believe, look at the state of all the governments that have come since 2001. If the desired results are not obtained from the crutches, the dignity of the judiciary will take the governments with bare hands and the leaders of justice like Saqib Nisar and Asif Saeed Khoso will take the knowledge of justice and practically paralyze your government and others. The palace is done through YouTube, social networks and social media. In other words, there is a difference between popularity and acceptance and it gives power. According to Sohail Waraj, I am still convinced that Khan Sahib was expelled to bring him back. Attempt to write from

The aim is that we (power) are completely independent because the political parties did not allow us to be completely independent with the 18th amendment of the constitution. Khan Sahib is a plant that was first planted in the ground under the leadership of the late Hamid Gul and its original cultivation was done by Shuja Ahmad Pasha, Zahirul Islam and Faiz Hamid. Hence, a project that has worked for many. it will not be destroyed for years. can be given Droog Bagardan Ravi A tree planted by man himself, man must sit in its shade. This is why despite all the plans, not even Khan Sahib’s hair in the bank, audio leak, Tosha Khana, Terian’s alleged case, Farah Gogi, Usman Buzdar and others are not getting any help and no. More dangerous actions than this have been done by Muqtadara with PML-N, PPP, MQM, ANP, Jamiat Ulama Islam (Fazlur Rahman), Jamiat Ulama Pakistan (Noorani) and others or in other words with PDM. That all the difficult decisions of the economy were taken by him in the form of political ransom, including interest, and now, like Imran Khan, he is also entrusted with the small matters of imprisonment.

My question is, when will our political parties, which claim artificial democracy, learn from the end of history, when will they follow the rules and norms of democratic values ​​for the real promotion of democracy in their parties. Lately, no political party wants to develop the local government system in the real sense and never wants to hold elections in their political parties. The democratic garden (municipal system) has been banned by every democratic government and the concentration of power. to be continued.

As for the economy, I can only say that political stability is the basis of economic stability, otherwise our road to bankruptcy will never end, and we may go bankrupt one day, but the elites will not be harmed. insurance policy. Above the nobles are rulers, judges, bureaucracy, politicians and scholars at the bottom of the list.

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