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HomeBusiness"Imran Khan is now worried about his arrest"TAZAA News

“Imran Khan is now worried about his arrest”TAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Imran Khan should be praised for talking about the democratic movement without shame, people who spend time in prison are not like before, after returning from prison they approach the poor. Politics in Pakistan will not recover until Tehreek-e-Insaf sits down with other political parties, and they cannot recover until they go through the stages other political parties have gone through. People gather at the place where Imran Khan is, people did not come out because of his repetition, Jail Bharu movement is very difficult, people will not come out for Imran Khan, just like people of PDP did in 80s. .. People are very humiliated by going to jail, the government can make any place look like a jail, Imran Khan’s recent decisions seem to worry him a lot, and especially after the beating, he is very worried. Imran Khan’s biggest concern now is his arrest. This is what writer and analyst Zaigham Khan says.

Speaking on the Naya Dur TV talk show “Khabre Aha”, Zaiham Khan said that cases should have been filed against Tehreek Insaf for inciting people to violence long ago. even if it is the same, however, sedition cases should not be allowed. Tehreek Insaf still does not say that what they did was also wrong and what is happening now is also wrong. Tehreek Insaf should sit down with other political parties, there is no other option.

He said that Wikipedia is written by ordinary people and anyone can edit it, and this platform has gradually expanded a lot, it helps to know everything, it is the first step of knowledge and research, it has become, banning it will be a big thing. loss for the people of Pakistan, this is a non-commercial enterprise. Jamal Abdul Nasir said that it is as if Islam was revealed in Pakistan, how can you interfere in the affairs of other countries with such behavior. Imran Khan and his ilk push the boundaries of extremism for their own interests, these are the signs of a cowardly order.

Journalist Anbar Rahim Shamsi said, Imran Khan does not want to go to jail alone, now Imran Khan does not want to participate in by-elections, now Jail Bharu Tehreek is another trick he is playing. This number does not appear in the recent protest call of Tehreek Insaf, but now what Imran Khan wants to achieve from it, the concern of these colleagues is not known. The circle around Imran Khan has narrowed, that’s why he is now doing such things.

He said that the PDP government is weak, the number of its advisors has reached 78 people, the government also depends on the institutions, there should not have been an uprising against Fawad Chaudhary, this also shows the weakness of the government. Politicians who speak rudely should not be prosecuted criminally, but should be civilly prosecuted.

He said that the ban on Wikipedia is due to the content of their website about Ahmadis, the information cannot be bottled and closed within the borders. There is also a provision on the termination of prophecy in the marriage certificate, which is a clear violation of the decision of the Supreme Court. Wikipedia believes in free information and anyone can edit it, the free creation of information in the 21st century cannot be stopped or banned.

Analyst Murtaza Solangi says that whenever power came to Imran Khan, he used it as much as possible, attacked PTV, attacked Ismat Junjo and forcibly released people from police stations, now he does not use violence. When he was the prime minister, he used to say that thanks be to God that these people brought distrust, and he also said that there was no other option but them, despite his repeated calls, the people did not come out, Imran. Khan, They can use the language fully but they cannot fill the jails, people of Pakistan are already living in jails due to inflation and conditions.

He said that situations in which the state should not be involved should be avoided, because of a few pages, the entire Wikipedia has been blocked, it has caused a lot of damage to students, the government should not take such actions. be prevented.

The host of the program was Raza Rumi. “Khabar Se Aaida” is broadcast on Naya Dur TV every Monday to Saturday from 21:05.

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