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HomeBusiness"Imran Khan is out of Pakistan's electoral politics"TAZAA News

“Imran Khan is out of Pakistan’s electoral politics”TAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Imran Khan is now afraid of being disqualified, the days when he used to get relief from the courts are over. Imran Khan did not reveal the total number of children in the nomination papers. According to articles 62 and 63, it is also necessary to be a good Muslim. Imran Khan now has to state the number of children while submitting nomination papers. If they hide the child, it will be false information and in this case they will be disqualified. The status of this child should be considered according to Sharia, which Imran Khan cannot answer. This is why Imran Khan intends not to participate in the by-elections and according to me, Imran Khan is out of Pakistan’s electoral politics. Senior journalist Iftikhar Ahmed says this.

Speaking on Naya Dur TV’s talk show Khabar Se Aaide, he said that according to the constitution you have to reveal your children. Then the legal status of this child should also be established according to the Islamic laws of this country. One will be a political punishment and the other will be an Islamic punishment. Tehreek Insaf is also responsible for terrorism and current explosions. The 8,000 terrorists who were released were released voluntarily. Their politics is more important or Pakistan and its integrity is more important. What is their attitude that they do not want to join the negotiations for the peace of Pakistan.

He said that Sheikh Rashid is used to irresponsible talk. They were called, but they did not show up, there was no choice but to arrest them. There was a drama during his arrest and he is constantly using foul language. It seems that powerful people in this country can say anything and do anything. I am passionate about PML-N and Shehbaz Sharif. Why did they not raise an effective voice during the negotiations with the Taliban when they were in opposition, they are also responsible for the current terrorism.

Journalist Rafatullah Orkazai said, Tehreek Insaf says how can we sit with a vindictive government, such political division will make a difference in the war against terrorism, because it requires national consensus. It is a pity that “Tehrik Insof” maintains this attitude even after 9 years of being in the government of KPK. PTI also conducted a peace march today in KPK by hoisting white flags.

He said that a very important meeting of the Apex Committee was held today, in which apart from the Chief Ministers of the four provinces, the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir and the Army Commander also participated. In this meeting, many important issues were discussed, including the completion of the “Safe City” project. The establishment of a CTD headquarters, increasing the capacity and power of the police and a forensic laboratory were also discussed. The police force did not increase during the time of Imran Khan. PTI’s politics is based on support of Taliban and JUI members also do not speak against Taliban.

Analyst Murtaza Solangi said that Tehriki Insaf refused to participate in all parties due to the current arrests. During Imran Khan’s time, the opposition participated in every national conference. In 2013, TTT and PTI contested elections, Haqqani Madrasah was supported by government treasury which freed TTP terrorists and brought them from Afghanistan to Pakistan. The members of “Tehriki Insaf” do not want to go to the all-party conference to expose their record in front of TDP. In the case of Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan stressed on articles 62 and 63, and he also said that these articles of the Basic Law should remain unchanged, even if he himself loses his rights by falling under this law.

Reza Rumi, the host, said that Sheikh Rashid promoted the culture of dirty language in politics and also uses this language in political meetings. They were raised and brought here by the people of the 4th Gate of Paul Poss. He also used foul language with Benazir and he uses similar language with Bilawal. Measures were taken against them for a long time.

The host of the program was Raza Rumi. “Khabar Se Aaida” is broadcast on Naya Dur TV every Monday to Saturday from 21:05.

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