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Imran Khan praises PM Modi: Imran Khan’s interesting comments about Modi’s assets TAZAA News

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Imran Khan praises PM Modi: Imran Khan's interesting comments about Modi's assets

Islamabad: The head of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf), former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan (Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan) once again praised the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Imran Khan accused Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Sharif (Pakistan Muslim League N supremo, Nawaz Sharif) of having accumulated billions of dollars illegally abroad. Imran addressed a public meeting in Pakistan. He said that the prime minister of a country accumulating such a large amount of illegal money abroad is worthy of the former prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif. Imran says that no one can estimate how much he has accumulated. At the same time he mentioned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People were asked if anyone can tell how many assets Modi has abroad. Thus, Imran said without saying that Modi is far from corruption and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif can indulge in corruption.

According to the details uploaded on the Prime Minister’s Office website, Modi’s assets are worth Rs.2,23,82,504/- as on March 31, 2022. He has no immovable properties. As on March 31, 2021, the value of his immovable properties is Rs.1.1 crores. This property is located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It was bought in October 2002 along with three others. All four have equal shares in it. He donated his share. As a result, he has no real estate this year. The value of Modi’s assets has increased by Rs 26.13 lakh this year compared to last year. As on March 31, 2022, he has Rs.35,250 in cash. He has Post Office National Savings Certificates worth Rs 9,05,105 and life insurance policies worth Rs 1,89,305.

Imran has been praising Narendra Modi government’s foreign policy for some time now. Imran praised in public meetings that India bought petrol and diesel at a low price from Russia while maintaining good relations with America during the war with Ukraine. Imran complains that India’s foreign policy is free, Pakistan’s is not.

Ever since he lost the majority in the Pakistan National Assembly or the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has been comparing Pakistan and Pakistan’s leadership with India and India’s leadership whenever he gets an opportunity. People are being questioned directly in public meetings. He is also showing the scenes of the Indian Foreign Minister’s announcement on the screens to make people understand. Shebaz Sharif (brother of Nawaz Sharif) is currently the Prime Minister of Pakistan. A coalition government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Peoples Party and other parties is in power in Pakistan.


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