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Imran Khan’s announcement to launch the Jail Bharu movement from WednesdayTAZAA News

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Imran Khan’s announcement to launch the Jail Bharu movement from Wednesday

Lahore (92 News) PTI Chairman Imran Khan has announced to launch Jail Bharu Movement from Wednesday.

Addressing the workers via a video link, he said that after 90 days the interim government would be unconstitutional, nothing more dangerous than the judiciary failing to uphold the constitution.

He said that the nation breaks the idols of fear, they scare us like Pharaoh, they think that they control us by beating us.

Imran Khan said that we are waiting for when the election schedule will come, after 90 days the interim government will be against the constitution.

He said that the current government came from the auction, not the election. These people stopped Wazirabad JIT attack, records also disappeared, they don’t see justice in attack case.

Imran Khan said that the government should put an end to the video recording of Parvaizalhi’s call and the disclosure of the audio.

He said that if the constitution is not implemented, there will be no extravagance, neither the governor nor the election commission will give the date of the election, if the governors and the election commission do not hold the election, they will be guilty. going beyond the constitution.

He said that the court orders the election, the institution says that it will not be held. It is dangerous that the head of the election commissioner states that he is disabled. They say we made hard decisions, did we make hard decisions? We have repeatedly said that this government has no authority and cannot manage the country.

The chairman of PTI said that in the country where the rule of law ends, justice ends, the constitution is grossly violated in the country. PDM is afraid of elections, they know they will lose. They don’t want these elections, even if the constitution is violated.

Imran Khan says there is no PPP poll in Karachi, it is rigged. They want to spend less time for elections like in Karachi. Their goal is to reduce public participation and it can be rigged. There is pressure on the prosecution, they want to escape from the elections.

The former prime minister said that he sat in the government not through elections, but through an auction. Most importantly the rule of law, the machinery of government is used against the opposition. They think that they will control us by beating us, the interim government means a neutral government.


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