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Imran Khan’s bail was granted in the case opened at the Sanjjani police station.TAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Lahore (Web Desk) A two-member bench of the Lahore High Court has approved Imran Khan’s protective bail in a case registered at Sangjani police station. The court ordered Imran Khan not to be arrested until March 3.

Earlier, the Lahore High Court had directed the SSP Security to produce Imran Khan in the court. Judge Baqir Ali Najafi said during the review of Imran Khan’s bail application that if Imran Khan is present in court, then why does he not appear, he should appear in court. The court directed the SSP Security to bring Imran Khan to the court within five minutes.

Earlier, on behalf of Imran Khan’s lawyers, a request was made to the court that Imran Khan’s presence in the court building should take place in his car, because there is no possibility of him appearing in the courtroom due to the rush.

It should be noted that the High Court of Lahore had summoned Imran Khan in a personal capacity in connection with the request for bail in the riot case in front of the election commission building, but Imran Khan did not appear in the court. However, the court had summoned Imran Khan. in his personal capacity due to the difference in Imran Khan’s signature.

Imran Khan was released today by the Lahore High Court at 2 o’clock, which was extended until 5 o’clock. Imran Khan could not appear in the court even at 5 o’clock when the court had another 10 minutes, but Imran Khan appeared in the court even after 6:30, where the hearing of the case is going on.

Imran Khan appeared in a convoy to appear in the court, while a large number of workers were also present outside the Lahore High Court to welcome him, due to which the traffic system was severely disrupted and Imran Khan was also unable to enter the court. . to face difficulties.

On the occasion of Imran Khan’s appearance at the Lahore High Court, special security measures have been taken, and a new road for wheelchairs has also been built.


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