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Imran Khan’s letter to the president for investigationTAZAA News

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Photo: File
Photo: File

Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan asked President Arif Alvi about the statement of former army general Qamar Javed Bajwa.

In Imran Khan’s letter to the President, it is said that in the last few days there has been a very intelligent disclosure at the public level that it is clear from the information that General Bajwa is guilty of violating his oath, General. Bajwa admitted to the journalist that “we considered Imran Khan a threat to the country”, General Bajwa also admitted that “if Imran Khan remains in power, the country will suffer”, it should be investigated what this “hum” is doing. by General Bachwa. This means

Imran Khan says that he has given authority to General Bajwa to decide on the elected Prime Minister, this decision is only for the people who they want to elect as the Prime Minister, General Bajwa declaring himself as the decision maker is a clear violation of Article 244. The Constitution, General Bajwa decides on his own, is a violation of the oath enshrined in the Third Schedule of the Constitution.

Imran Khan says that General Bajwa also claimed in his conversation that he controls NAB, General Bajwa admitted that he closed the NAB case against Shaukat Tareen, this claim of General Bajwa is also a clear violation of oath. Yes, according to the constitution , Pakistan is armed. The forces are a department of the Ministry of Defense and are not constitutionally subordinate to the military, civilian or autonomous bodies.

Imran Khan said that the recording of General Bajwa’s conversation with the Prime Minister is a serious violation of the army commander’s oath, the recording of General Bajwa’s conversation with the Prime Minister is a violation of basic human rights, the answer to this question. it is important why and in what capacity General Bajwa As the President of the State and Supreme Commander of the Pakistan Army it is your constitutional responsibility to give immediate notice of this matter.

In this letter, Imran Khan demanded an inquiry to determine whether such a serious violation of the army chief’s oath under the Constitution was committed despite the violation of the government’s policy of neutrality on the Russia-Ukraine war by General Bajwa. . In accordance with his oath of office, General Bajwa spoke at a security conference on April 2, 2022 against the government’s policy of war between Russia and Ukraine. With full approval, Chapter II of the Constitution was adopted, and especially Articles 243, 244 of the powers of the armed forces of Pakistan.


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