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HomeNationalImran will launch "Hakiki Azadi" movement on Saturday,TAZAA News

Imran will launch “Hakiki Azadi” movement on Saturday,TAZAA News

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Former PTI chief Imran Khan on Wednesday announced that the organisation’s drive for “Hakiki Azadi” (True Freedom) will begin from Saturday, September 24. He asked his followers to be ready for his announcement.

Imran has repeatedly called for a date for “fair and free” early elections since being ousted from power, saying otherwise he would protest the current administration in the streets.

In May, the PTI attempted a long march to Islamabad, but the police crushed it and called it off. Imran reiterated his call for snap elections last week, saying the PTI’s patience was wearing thin. He expected to make an election announcement before revealing his preparations for his final march in Islamabad.

“I will make the call and we will liberate our country in real terms,” ​​he declared in a speech at a lawyers’ conference in Lahore today.

Following the federal government’s claim that “some people have gone towards Islamabad to accept their political demands”, Imran has stepped up security measures in the red zone areas of Islamabad. And treating people unfairly.”

He said that due to lack of legality, investments have dried up and corruption has increased.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah dismissed the notion of holding talks with Imran, calling him “crazy”. According to the minister, demonstration is a democratic right and it is allowed in F-9 Park.

The protesters were threatened with severe action if they tried to approach D-Chowk.

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