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HomeBusinessIn the last month, the rescue control room received 6304 general calls,...

In the last month, the rescue control room received 6304 general calls, of which 1778 were emergency calls.TAZAA News

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Nowshera Son Skiser (by Malik Zahid Farooq Awan) District Officer Rescue Engineer Hafiz Abdul Rasheed at a meeting of rescue officers at Khushabi Punjab Emergency Services Office where the latest monthly emergency report was discussed. Emergency calls in which Punjab Emergency Services Department rescued 1,761 people, district engineer Hafiz Abdul Rasheed said detailing that 236 road accidents occurred in the last one month. 1334 medical emergencies, 09 fire incidents, 26 criminal incidents and 173 other emergencies, including work injuries, falls from a height, etc., and other emergencies were resolved. While 1521 injured people were taken to hospitals with timely medical assistance. Engineer Hafiz Abdul Rashid told the Patient Referral Service that in the last month 361 affected people have been transferred to hospitals for better treatment. In view of the increase in traffic accidents, Engineer Hafiz Abdul Rashid said in his message that people should avoid high speed while driving, wear seat belts while riding motorcycles, use reflective tape on tractor carts and ensure compliance with traffic rules. . .

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