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In the race of the moons, the planet Jupiter took the lead again, and their total number was 92TAZAA News

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Washington: The competition between the two planets of the solar system continues for more months. New moons are often discovered between the planets Jupiter and Saturn. Now, with the discovery of new moons, Jupiter has become the planet with the most moons in the solar system. In 2019, Saturn was at the forefront of this race, now the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, has received not one or two, but 12 new months, after which Jupiter is on top with 92 months, while Saturn has 83 months. . The name of these moons has not yet been announced, but it has been officially announced by the Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center, which keeps a record of minor planets in the solar system. Most of these moons were discovered by Scott Shepard, who is affiliated with the Carnegie Endowment for Science. They were looking for the ninth planet of the solar system to find many of Jupiter’s planets.

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