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In the response of the Electoral Commission to the letter to the president, comments on this have been writtenTAZAA News

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The Electoral Commission responded to the President’s letter, which expressed serious concerns about the words used in the letter.
Web table: According to sources, the Election Commission has decided to participate in the meeting called by the President.
According to the sources, in the reply letter sent to the President, the Election Commission expressed serious concern about the words of the President’s letter.
The Electoral Commission states that the Electoral Commission follows the Constitution and the laws, the Electoral Commission is an independent and independent body, the Electoral Commission respects and obeys the decisions of the judiciary.
In the letter, it was said that it is not appropriate for the president to write careless letters about the Election Commission.
It should be said that President Arif Alvi sent the second letter to the Chief Election Commission for consultation on the election and expressed his displeasure with the Election Commission for not responding to this letter.
He expressed dissatisfaction with the indifference of the Electoral Commission on behalf of the President and said that the Electoral Commission has not yet responded to the first letter, I was waiting for the Electoral Commission to understand its constitutional duties and will work accordingly.
President Arif Alvi said that he was very disappointed with the election commission’s regrettable attitude towards the important issue and invited the head of the election commissioner to his office for consultation on the election.

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