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HomeBusinessIncrease in the price of several essential goods - PakistanTAZAA News

Increase in the price of several essential goods – PakistanTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

The prices of various spices, detergents and soaps, including soft drinks, toothpaste and shoe polish, have been increased.

The prices of some essential items have gone up in utility stores across the country, and notices have also been issued in this regard.

The prices of various brands of spices, salt, pickles, shoe polish, detergents and soaps, drinks, toothpaste and cream have increased in communal shops.

According to the notice, the price of toothpaste has been increased by Rs 20, toilet cleaner by Rs 17, shoe polish by Rs 35 and ketchup by Rs 30 at utility shops.

The price of a carton of milk has increased by Rs 40, noodles by Rs 35, drinks by Rs 60 and almond butter by Rs 20, pasta by Rs 45 and chili garlic by Rs 40, the notice said.

According to the notification, biryani spices have increased by Rs 10, pickles by Rs 87, salt by Rs 20 and salt by Rs 5, jam by Rs 45, cream by Rs 40 and body lotion by Rs 80.


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