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HomeBusinessIndia has renamed the historic Mughal Garden to HinduTAZAA News

India has renamed the historic Mughal Garden to HinduTAZAA News

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In India, a historical park named after Muslim kings has been given a Hindu name.

According to details, the extremist Hindu government has gone so far in its anti-Muslim hostility that it is now renaming Muslim-built objects and giving them Hindu names, one such example being the historic Mughal Garden in New Delhi. it was closed on the pretext of decoration, just a day before its reopening, it was changed from Mughal Garden to Amrit Udayan.

It should be said that this could not happen for the first time in India. Many buildings and historical places built by the Mughal emperors were renamed last year. What was called “Paihati Kartavia” and now it is also called the Mughal Garden. the name was changed and that too a day before it was opened to the public.

Until the end of yesterday, the old boards were called “The Mughal Garden”. The so-called secular state of India understandably hates the name of Muslim kings, because every intelligent person knows that India has nothing but the artistic masterpieces of Muslim kings.


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