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Indoor pollution causes headaches, itches: studyTAZAA News

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434 (77.5 per cent) women belonged to planned residential areas, 107 (19.1 per cent) from industrial area of ​​the city and 19 (3.4 per cent) from commercial area of ​​the city.

The study was conducted using a real-time portable air sampler placed in the living area to study the variation pattern and kept at least two meters away from room doors and walls.

It found that indoor concentrations of PM 2.5 pollutants were almost six times higher than WHO standards.

Research scholar Samriddhi Dwivedi said the study found that 51.1 percent of women were not aware of household air pollution. The study found that particle deposition in women was highest in the head region (61.1 percent) followed by pulmonary (21.1 percent) and tracheobronchial region (17.3 percent).

Of the 408 children who were part of the study, 62 percent complained of nasal congestion, followed by 30.6 percent of children who reported dry throat.

In most cases, the study found that these symptoms are most common in October and November, followed by February and April.

Study finds that poor indoor quality increases children’s risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


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