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Islamabad Capital Police has released a security program for New Year’s Eve – Public NewsTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

The police of the capital of Islamabad has published a security program for the New Year’s Eve.

The spokesman of the capital Islamabad police said that more than 3,000 officers and men will perform their duties on New Year’s Eve. The administration of Islamabad has banned the double riding of a motorcycle. Entrances and exits and inside the city will be strictly checked.

According to the spokesman, all regional officers will remain in their respective areas, strict instructions have been issued against aerial firing, fireworks, hooliganism, unicycles.

The spokesman further said that the road workers have been instructed to take strict measures against one-wheeling vehicles in order to ensure smooth traffic.

Members of the public, especially young people, are asked not to engage in any illegal activities, keep their identity documents with them when traveling, cooperate with the police during investigations and report any suspicious activities to 15.

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