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HomeBusinessIsrael's attack on Gaza, America's emphasis on de-escalationTAZAA News

Israel’s attack on Gaza, America’s emphasis on de-escalationTAZAA News

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GAZA: The Israeli army attacked central areas of the Gaza Strip, while the Hamas-affiliated al-Qassami Brigades claimed to have countered Israeli warplanes with surface-to-air and anti-aircraft missiles.

The Israeli army has developed three plans to attack Iran

According to Al-Arabiya TV channel, Al-Qassam brigades resisted at least 15 attacks.

In this context, the spokesman of the US State Department, Ned Price, emphasized the reduction of tension, while according to media reports, in addition to the militants, a civilian was also killed in this attack.

Ned Price called on all sides to de-escalate so that no more lives are lost. He said that cooperation will also take place to improve the security situation.

According to media reports, after at least 9 Palestinians were killed and at least 9 were wounded in an attack by Israeli special forces on Jenin in the West Bank, the tension between the two sides has increased.

According to the Palestinian News Agency (Wafa), the Palestinian leadership has decided that security coordination with the Israeli occupation government no longer exists.

This was stated in the statement published after the emergency meeting of the Palestinian leadership chaired by Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Republic of Palestine.

Israeli minister’s order to remove Palestinian flags from public places

Nabil Abu Radina, the official spokesman of the country’s presidency, said at a press conference held on Thursday evening that the Palestinian leadership has decided to immediately appeal to the United Nations Security Council for international support.

According to Abu Rudina, the Palestinian leadership has also decided to immediately go to the International Criminal Court to include the case of Thursday’s massacre in Jenin as an act of aggression. In this regard, the International Committee of Inquiry of the Human Rights Council will also be asked to investigate and prosecute Israel’s attack on the fetus.

He said that the Palestinian leadership has decided to join the United Nations and international organizations and progress at the Arab, Islamic and international levels to support the Palestinian position.

Return of Netanyahu or Nightmare in Israel?

Aburdina stressed that Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority, has asked all Palestinian forces to call an emergency meeting to agree on a comprehensive national vision and unite their ranks to oppose Israeli aggression.

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