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It is necessary to fight terrorism with all our mightTAZAA News

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Zia Rahman Zia

Another tragedy in Peshawar shook the foundations of the state. The most tragic incident occurred when a suicide bomber blew himself up during noon prayer in a mosque in Peshawar, killing more than a hundred people. The whole nation mourns this incident, the heart sheds tears of blood and every eye sheds tears. How many houses were destroyed by this tragedy, how many women became widows and children became orphans. This is a dark side of our history, which has left many questions for our rulers in particular and for the people in general. Our politicians are only fighting with stomach dust, they are not interested in the public interest. They succeeded in eliminating inflation, reducing unemployment and defeating terrorists in a difficult way. A new gift of terrorism will be given to the people oppressed by inflation and unemployment.

This nation has suffered from terrorism for a long time. For at least the last twenty years, our country has been the target of terrorists, and incidents of terrorism are constantly occurring. Thousands of our citizens and soldiers were martyred in them. The damage to the country’s economy is unique. Human blood was being used carelessly and instead of stopping, it started to increase again. After the Army Public School tragedy in 2014, all political parties along with the military leadership drafted a National Action Plan, where it was decided not to tolerate any form of terrorism and to destroy terrorists. After that a massive operation called “Zarb Azab” was launched in which the entire nation cooperated fully with the Pakistan Army and that operation was successful and the terrorists were eliminated to a large extent.

But unfortunately, even in the “Zarb Azb” operation, it was not possible to eliminate terrorism completely, and their operations continued, but their strength was broken. Terrorists continued to commit small acts just to express their presence, but compared to the past history of terrorism, these acts were small, so for some time, peace and tranquility prevailed in the dear country. Then, gradually, terrorists again started their operations in the dear country. Since 2021, terrorist incidents have occurred in the country and increased. Until the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, it is known that there is no day without a terrorist incident in any part of the country. These incidents increased day by day and eventually a great and tragic tragedy like the Peshawar tragedy occurred in which more than a hundred innocent citizens were brutally martyred.

After the establishment of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, terrorist activities have increased in Pakistan. Perhaps they encouraged the terrorists and provided safe havens for them. Although we were among those who believed that after the establishment of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, peace would be restored in Pakistan, the Taliban would stop the movement of terrorists on our western border, but now we see the situation, it is very sad and unfortunate. We have also started a series of barbed wire fences to secure our western border, but now it also seems to be ineffective as terrorists keep moving and moving, I don’t know what this fence is for?

However, instead of looking at anyone, let’s improve the conditions of our country. We should not pin our hopes on the United States, the United Nations and Afghanistan. We ourselves must fight these terrorists with all our might. Once again, there is a need for a Zarb Azb operation, but a more extensive operation is needed in which even the remnants of terrorists are not left. If their remnants remain, they will strengthen again. Now is not the time to condemn and negotiate. We have seen this a lot. Therefore, the state should now use all its capabilities to carry out massive operations against terrorists with all its strength, this is the only way through which terrorism will be eradicated and peace will be restored in the country.

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