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Japan says a Chinese Navy ship entered its territorial waters near the island of YakushimaTAZAA News

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MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – February 12, 2023) A Chinese naval research vessel entered Japanese territorial waters near islands off the southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima, marking the 10th entry of a Chinese research vessel into Japanese waters, the Ministry of Defense said. Japan. Sunday.

“On February 12, it was confirmed that a Chinese Shupang-class naval research vessel sailed through Japanese territorial waters near the island of Yakushima. This is the 10th time since December last year that we have seen the entry of a naval vessel. We will notify China of the territorial waters of Japan.”, the ministry wrote on Twitter.

The ministry added that such Chinese naval activities are a national security concern.

The Japanese news agency Kyodo, citing the Ministry of Defense, reported that Tokyo expressed concern about the ship’s actions to Beijing through diplomatic channels.

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